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Print & Copy

We offer a variety of printing options to meet the specific requirements of every project  – budget, short runs, long runs, personalized print, quick turn-times, and more!  Our customer service experts can provide you with options and expertise to help you choose which print option is best for your project!

The 3 general categories of print include:

  • Copy
  • Digital
  • Print

Since we are a campus department, some added benefits of printing with us include:

  • You do not need to bid your project through Purchasing or be concerned with your annual expenditure (with us) as it relates to the May 2013 Procurement Law Changes
  • We understand the University’s mission and branding initiatives and are positioned to provide you with information, resources and tools about such requirements.
  • Keeping your work on campus supports retention of campus resources, community, and sustainability!

Please call us for an estimate today! KEEP IT ON CAMPUS!

Last Updated: 4/13/17